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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why do the Chinese support Sony yet they don

I am in Guangzhou now and nearly everyone here uses Sony either as camera or tv or laptop why do the Chinese support a Japanese company like sony but they hate the Japanese?
The older japanese may remember the attrocities that Japanese did in china..

as the rest of the world remembers what they did to many who met westerners

during World war II and other conflicts.

However we are several generations further on.. and memories fade and japan is not the country it was.. it

What are some important facts about the history of the UK before moving there?

I know everything dealing with the US and the UK but outside of that, can someone direct towards some reading or just fill me in?
This is a link to an award winning website for Woodlands Junior School. Whilst there are obvious headings for school work you will see that there are quite a few which actually cover the UK, it

I am looking to travel somewhere in the world. I wanted to go to one of three places (Thailand,?

India, or Egypt), but it is monsoon season in Thailand and India, and Egypt is uncomfortably hot at this time of the year. So, my question is- where is a good destination in the world to go right now where the fares are cheap and the weather fine? FYI I am from New York, and will be traveling between July 27 and August 10.
If you

Where are good places to vacation with teens 15 up?

Im looking for a place that is good to vacation with a teen that is 15 and one that is 19 but acts younger and her boyfriend who is 20 but once again acts younger. We like to do stuff with our parents and each other. We like activities no matter what they are, eating good food, beaches etc. Please help i need to know asap!
I would say go to Disney World. It may sound Childish but I

Dallas, Atlanta, or New York: to live in?

I want to be a cop, but which city, and I love the heat to.
atlanta definately

Friends who are kpop fans wanted?

so i know no one who likes kpop. evry1 i know is very close minded and doesnt want to try something new just because they dont

Im doing a 1.5 months euro trip how much mony should i bring to have a chill time?

ill stay in cheap motels and what not but ive heard Europe can be expensive
I backpacked through Europe in 1998 for 6 weeks. Minus the plane fare and Eur-Rail pass, I spent about $2,200. I stayed in hostels and a few cheap hotels. For most meals, I went to the markets and bought cold cuts

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